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Horsemens ARC is most first and foremost about fun and a mutual love of horses.


We understand that some of our riders are looking to really improve their riding and their horse, while others might just be looking for a fun day out & a little ‘me-time’. Whatever your reason, Horsemens offers an inclusive, friendly environment to enjoy with your equine friend.

Meeting once a month on a Friday at the SEC, we cater for all riding levels & many different disciplines. Horsemens was established for anyone from novice and pleasure riders wanting quality lessons, encouragement & confidence building to intermediate and advanced level riders competing most weekends who want to take advantage of the quality coaches and variety of classes.  We offer members 2x 1 hour lessons on Rally Days and some 25-30 classes to choice from including Groundwork, De-sensitising, Flatwork, Polework, Jumping & Cross Country.

We are ARCA affiliated which allows our members to attend the ARCA Interclub Challenges each year plus the many Adult Riders Only events hosted by other Adult Riding Clubs throughout WA.  As a member of Horsemens you can also take advantage of  EWA's Adult Riders Membership and participate in the growing number of adult rider classes now on offer at Open competitions.


So come along and join in the fun

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