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Green Rider: for the rider who has not had a lot of experience riding flatwork or has lost confidence.


Green Horse: for the horse that is just starting a career with basic schooling.  Great for nurturing a young or inexperienced horse along with his/her training.


Intermediate Flatwork: for the horse that is settling in company and working in a more relaxed manner.  Can walk, trot comfortably and commencing canter work in a group environment. 


Advanced Flatwork: Horse and rider are able to walk, trot and canter in a group and are commencing lateral work such as leg yielding. 


Flatwork with Poles: each of the above classes maybe advertised with poles (ie. Inter + Poles).  This is a flatwork class incorporating poles on the ground.  Using trot poles can be a great training tool for many reasons, including helping the horse maintain balance, rhythmic pace with plenty of energy throughout the exercise, and straightness, plus many more advantages.


Gridwork: jumping a horse through grids is a popular way to encourage correct jumping technique for both the horse and rider. Grids consist of several jumps set up in a line at different distances from one another.  This class is great for green horses or riders wanting to gain their confidence in jumping and for anyone else that would like to improve their balance, seat and straightness. 


Jump: 30cm to 95cm various class heights for different levels of ability aimed to improve the horses' jumping technique, balance, rhythm, straightness and rider's position.  For the horse and rider combinations looking to improve their skills through a course of jumps.

Cross Country: Beginner, intermediate and more advanced classes are offered with various height for different levels of ability, aimed to improve horses jumping technique, balance, rhythm, straightness and rider's position over natural obstacles including logs, banks & ditches etc. For horse and rider combinations looking to improve their skills through a Cross Country course. 

It is highly recommended if a horse or rider is a beginner to Cross Country that they attend the Intro to Cross Country classes first.  These classes are held in an enclosed arena for extra safety.



Groundwork: This is a non-ridden class to learn skills to improve the handling of your horse from the ground.  Classes will vary depending on the instructor with different techniques from encouraging good manners to practising for In-Hand Competitions. This is a great class to start the day with, especially for a green or nervous horse or rider to prepare before your ridden class.



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