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Top Score Show Jumping Rules

  1. In this event the jumps are given a value number, with the easiest jump having the lowest value and the hardest jump having the highest value.

  2. Jumps do not have to be jumped in number order and not all jumps have to be jumped.

  3. Start and finish flags are placed together so they can be passed through from either direction.

  4. The idea of this event is to get the highest score (from value numbers) from the time allowed (45 seconds).

  5. Riders make up their own course keeping in mind the ability of yourself and your horse.

  6. Riders must pass through the Start Flags to begin.

  7. Jumps can be jumped twice only. Jumps that are jumped a third time or more is not scored.

  8. Jumps can be jumped from either direction.

  9. Jumps that are attempted but get a refusal or knock down will equate to the value of that jump deducted from the riders score.

  10. When the judges bell rings to signal the end of your round, ride as quickly as possible to pass through the flags. The time between when the bell rings and when you ride through the flags will count if there are riders on equal scores.


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