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For Boo

How many times have you said to yourself, 'I wish I had fallen in love with a sport that was less expensive, less time consuming, less demanding both physically and mentally'? Well if you are like me, on more than one occasion; especially now I am a new mum.  So much time and effort goes into preparing for a competition consisting of no more than an half an hour in the ring.  Months of training on show, and within seconds our dreams are realised or shattered.  Hours of driving to and from agistment, lessons, clinics and competitions.


But... I am still here.  And the reason is exactly because of the challenges of being an equestrienne.  Through riding I have learned about patience.  I have learned about discipline, and self-belief.  Through riding I have felt determination and motivation.  Through riding I have met some of my dearest friends, whom I share my undying passion.  But the most valuable gift I have received from being around horses is the power of communication through touch and body language.  The language of horse.  I have been priviledged to have been taught this language with a soul so gentle, yet powerful and so honest yet sometimes guarded.  He is my horse.  He is my Boo.


The energy between our touch and the wisdom in his eye warm my heart.  He has been my companion through the toughest times.  He has been my escape when reality began to burden me.  He has given me the greatest highs of my life, his powerful body galloping beneath me as we cross the finish after a clear cross country round.  He is the only man my husband is jealous of, and for good reason too.  Most of our horses are no Black Caviar, Everest Milton, or German bloodline stallion.  But to their human they are irreplaceable in their own right.


So, to my Boo I say thank you, and this is for you.  Thank you for the lessons you have taught me, including the broken bones, concussions, and open wounds too.  Thank you for your patience and for your forgiveness when I get something wrong while I am learning to ride.  You have made a stronger, more patient, more compassionate me.

by Haylee Barker

Haylee & Boo Winners! 

Horsemens Pony Club Hunter Trials

October 2013  C Grade

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