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ARCA Spring Challenge

27th October 2013

Michelle/J-Lo & Karina/Max riding their Pas De Deux as "Harry Potter & Hermione" J-Lo & Max were loving being together so stuck together well bringing home a 4th. Well Done Team HP!

Terena dressed as a Penguin & her Giraffe Halo  & Zebra Charlie riding her Lion Rocket, performing their "Madagascar" themed Pas De Deux.  Their costumes were Amazing, with even a few people from other clubs wanting to take photos to put on their Facebook page! 

Terena and Charlie ready for their "Madagascar" Pas De Deux



Prep B

3rd Renee Thomasz & Look N Classy (75%)

6th Elise Tutcher & Slow Joe Crow (72.632%)

9th Julie Binns & Milstead (66.316%)

10th Marie Davison & Minarrup Millie (65.263%)

12th Suzanne Brown & Magic Maker Flash Point (65%)


Preliminary 1B Class A

6th Michelle Page & J-Lo (64.8%)

7th Libby Squirrell & Wiltony Euro (64.4%)

15th Karina Graham & Collier Street (61.2%)

20th Fiona Attard & Radial Pie (53.6%)


Preliminary 1B Class B

5th Joanna Booker & Rowanvale Lassiter (62.4%)

9th Frana Jones & Silvi (58.0%)

13th Elise Tutcher & Slow Joe Crow (56.4%)

17th Terena Lomas & Halo (50.8%)

22nd Charlie Allen & Rocket (33.2%) (judge didn't like Rockets added Freestyle (bucking) movements!)


Novice 2B

5th Libby Squirrell & Wiltony Euro (65.909%)

9th Joanna Booker & Rowanvale Lassiter (62.727%)

14th Frana Jones & Silvi (57.879%)

17th Michelle Page & J-Lo (53.788%)


Prep Freestyle

5th Suzanne Brown & Magic Maker Flash Point (61.389%)

8th Renee Thomasz & Look N Classy (56.944%)


Preliminary Freestyle

7th Fiona Attard & Radial Pie (56.818%)

10th Karina Graham & Collier Street (52.955%)


Pas De Deux (Dressage Pairs)

4th Michelle Page/J-Lo & Karina Graham/Collier St. (69.75%)

Harry Potter Theme

7th Charlie Allen/Rocket & Terena Lomas/Halo (67.5%)

Madagascar Theme


Michelle & J-Lo

Suzi & Flash

Charlie riding Rocket with Terena

Libby & Snowy

Anyone would think there were flies about?!!

Julie & Milstead

Karina & Max (Collier Street) ready for their "Angry Birds" Freestyle Test

Marie & Millie

Renee Thomasz & Look N Classy

Michelle & J-Lo and Karina ( Karina's hat blowing off in the wind!) & Max riding their "Harry Potter" Pas De Deux

Left to Right: Suzanne & Flash, Fiona & Pie, Elise & Slow Joe Crow and Joanna & Snaps

Frana Jones & Silvi

Terena's very clever Giraffe design on Halo

Elise & Slow Joe Crow riding their test

Terena and Halo preparing to ride their test

Renee & her beautiful Palomino 'Shassy' dressed up as Wonder Woman for their Individual Freestyle - look'n Super!!

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